We are pleased to have this opportunity of introducing you to our company, Amil Bestecke GmbH, with our many years of experience.
Amil cutlery is held in great esteem for its particularly high quality and its attractive, timeless design.

Amil cutlery is designed by qualified specialists and is manufactured and finished with the aid of modern machines.
We want your Amil cutlery to give you many years of pleasure.

Preferably for a whole lifetime! This is why Amil cutlery is manufactured exclusively from high quality 18/10 stainless steel.
That is what makes our cutlery so robust and insensitive to wear.

It is, of course, no problem whatsoever to wash your Amil cutlery in a dishwasher.

Production of Amil cutlery:

Photo 1+2: Cutting and pressing of cutlery components

Photo 3 +4: High-gloss polishing of the cutlery

Photo 5: Rinsing and cleaning

Photo 6: Satin finishing of the Amil cutlery

Photo 7: Gold plating of the Amil cutlery
Photo 8: Packing and dispatch
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